Nutritional Supplement – Enzymes

How about an ice cream sundae along the Canal Grande in Venice, a café au lait at an iconic Parisian café or a piece of layered cream cake to celebrate a birthday with friends? With LactoJoy, all of this is no problem. At home or on the road, on holiday or at work: Our lactase tablets are a perfect accessory for you as you go about your daily routine with lactose intolerance. The enzyme “lactase” ensures that milk sugar (lactose) is broken down into its constituents of “glucose” and “galactose” in the body, thus allowing the lactose to be digested and used by the body. Individuals who suffer from lactose intolerance are missing the enzyme lactase and are therefore unable to properly digest lactose; unpleasant digestive problems ensue. In such a case, taking a lactase supplement is the perfect solution. These tablets contain the missing enzyme lactase and thus help in digesting foods containing lactose. Usually, the symptoms disappear completely. Owing to its outstanding effectiveness, just one tablet of LactoJoy will ensure that you can eat whatever you want to without having to worry about it. As LactoJoy tablets are scored, you can adjust the dose as needed. If you need to digest just a small amount of lactose you can simply split the tablet in half.  But LactoJoy leaves nothing to be desired in other aspects as well: they are certified organic and are free of chemical additives. Taking the lactase supplement is uncomplicated: Just swallow a tablet right before consuming a lactose-containing product – voila! What distinguishes LactoJoy from other lactase supplements, among other things, is the elegant, contemporary packaging design. It’s perfect for any situation in life. So: Stay fresh and enjoy life with LactoJoy.