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LactoJoy - Reclaim the Joy of Eating

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Lactose intolerance is certainly not a new topic. Yet, in our society, it is still burdened with the image of a disease. LactoJoy wants to change this! We dispense with old-fashioned, pharmacy-style packaging that is reminiscent of medicines from the last century. LactoJoy is different. We know that lactose intolerance is completely normal. And that is why we offer lactase tablets that come with a modern edge and an elegant design – to suit you and your active lifestyle. Thanks to LactoJoy, you can relax and enjoy your latte macchiato with friends at a café. And you won’t have to hesitate when accepting an invitation to that next business luncheon. Once again, you will have the freedom to eat whatever you feel like eating. But it’s not just LactoJoy’s stylish packaging that will win you over. The tablets themselves also offer a decisive advantage compared to other commercial lactase supplements: LactoJoy tablets are scored, which enables you to conveniently determine the dosage yourself. Moreover, you can order and pay the easy way, whether from home or on the road, directly at our LactoJoy online shop. Thanks to our subscription function, you can regularly place an order that is tailored specifically to your needs. This subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis, of course, and the shipping costs are free within Germany. Our website isn’t limited to just ordering LactoJoy tablets, by the way. Our LactoJoy blog regularly informs you about topics related to lactose intolerance and a healthy lifestyle. Next to delicious lactose-free recipes, you will also find tips and tricks for everyday life with lactose intolerance. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website!