What differentiates us from other chewable lactase tablets

Do you want to live life to the full - even with lactose intolerance? Do you want to finally be able to go out to eat with friends and accept invitations, without worrying in advance? We have worked flat out for you, pulled out all the stops and we would like to finally present you with everything that LactoJoy can do and make possible.

The aim of Lactojoy is to offer to the global market a chewable lactase tablet which is of the highest quality and, at the same time, affordable.

Because high quality is especially important to us, LactoJoy is free of chemical additives. It consists only of lactase and plant-based release agents. Of course, the tablets are also free of animal components, sweeteners and colouring agents.

Furthermore LactoJoy has a relatively high dosage of 14,500 FCC units. That allows them to be highly effective. Due to the fact that lactase cannot be overdosed and there aren’t any side effects, we thought: Save yourself the concerns about how much milk sugar there is in your meal. It’s not usually that easy to find out anyway. The high dosage of lactase will safely break down the milk sugar in your meal.

If you want an even lower dose, you simply halve the chewable LactoJoy tablet. Thanks to the integrated notch for easy breaking it is dead easy.

In the production of LactoJoy it was important to us that the tablets were especially easy to swallow. That’s why it’s our aim to produce the smallest possible chewable lactase tablet which has ever been on the market in this dosage to until now. So that you can really enjoy your meal, we additionally chose a tasteless tablet, needless to say, free from artificial aromas.
Quality for us doesn’t just stop at the tablet. The stylish box and the high quality design wishes to make the statement that: Lactose intolerance isn’t an illness, but it’s actually rather normal. Until now, the packaging of lactase compounds always gave the impression of a medicine product of bygone days. We want to adapt to the reality of our time and reflect the character of the current lifestyle.

Besides this, we would also like to conciously limit the strain on your wallet: At a price of around 1.6 cents per 1,000 FCC units LactoJoy is quite inexpensive compared to other lactase compounds, without comprimising quality in any way. Haven’t saved enough? Just recommend LactoJoy to your friends and acquaintances. For every new customer acquired we will give you 10 euros for your next order.

LactoJoy moves with the times. You can order fuss-free using your smartphone or tablet, either on the go or at home from your sofa. Our optional subscription feature relieves even more burden: We deliver your tablets directly to your home regularly, so that you always have enough lactase tablets. Naturally, you can cancel the subsciption monthly. Of course, delivery is free within the EU.